The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation says that 50 million Pakistanis travelled on short trips, including day and weekend visits, last year. Ongoing political unrest means that even some wealthy Pakistanis struggle to get visas to travel abroad.

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It also served as the capital of the princely state of Chitral until 1969.

The town is at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindu Kush, which is 25,289 ft (7,708 m) high. The entire region that now forms the Chitral District was a fully independent monarchy until 1895, when the British negotiated a subsidiary alliance with its hereditary ruler, the Mehtar, under which Chitral became a princely state, still sovereign but subject to the suzerainty of the British Raj.

Since her last visit to Chitral 30 years ago with her parents, roads have vastly improved, making travel possible by car.

But Ms Zaheer says the tourism boom is being driven by a society that is getting wealthier and more Westernised.

Others come to see wildlife and visit the indigenous Kalash tribe in the surrounding valleys. Data collected by the police station in Chitral show that domestic tourists have averaged about 15,000 every year since 2010.

By contrast, Chitral attracted only 604 international visitors in 2011 and numbers have steadily been falling every year since.In 2014, around 400,000 tourists visited the country, down from 906,800 in 2010, according to the State Bank of Pakistan.But while fewer foreigners may be coming to the country, domestic tourism is booming.A rosier economy has fuelled a burgeoning middle class who cannot afford to travel abroad but who are instead exploring their own country.Massive devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar and the pound over the past 10 years has also made it less attractive for Pakistanis to venture overseas.With this in mind, the authorities in Chitral face a delicate balancing act to grow the industry sustainably.