Besides her charm and beauty, she actually has the creative goods to be anything she wants to be.

That program was shuttered by AMC after just one season when the network decided to move away from reality TV in its entirety.

Back in the music world, KISS collaborated with Japanese girl group Momoiro Clover Z on the single "Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina," which was released in Japan in January. The band is currently touring South America, with stops ahead in Uruguay and Brazil, before heading to Germany.

and New York, they’re really trying to get somewhere. Shannon: And hey, I want to meet your dad because I play guitar! Sophie: I’ll say I can’t date him, he’s divorced or something like that. Shannon: I tend to push her toward having a little more fun. Shannon: I experienced a lot, so I know not what to do.

Q: Between a rock star and a Playmate wife living in Hollywood, how did you end up raising such grounded kids?

On Thursday, cable channel UP TV will premiere "Shannon & Sophie," a new eight-episode series that focuses on the relationship between the rock star's wife, model Shannon Tweed, and their daughter, actress and singer Sophie Tweed-Simmons.

According to the network's official description, subjects tackled in the new program include Sophie's decision to move out of the Simmons family home, the launch of her clothing line "Sophie x The Style Club," and career moves from shooting a blog with Cosmopolitan magazine in New York to singing the National Anthem at a Canadian Football League game in Vancouver.

John’s, NL) and his two kids, Sophie, now 21 and Nick, now 25. You could say it has a Bachelorette reality show vibe with some Meet the Parents thrown in.

The new series, Shannon & Sophie, premiering on May 20 at 10 p.m.

He said: ''I guess thereafter, Cher and Diana never spoke.''However, Gene - who now has children Nick, 26, and Sophie, 22, with his wife Shannon Tweed - said he had a great two-year romance with the 'I'm Coming Out' singer once they finally got together.

He told The Sunday Mirror's Notebook magazine: ''Diana Ross kept me on my toes and I ended up having a relationship with her for two years.

You can view preview videos for "Shannon & Sophie" here.