6) You will need a government mandate before you go to the next level of seeking permissions from the residents.

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5) The official procedure of mandating punishments for students not carrying their IDs had finally begun in schools.

For better or for worse, California always seems to want to go its own way.

4) Although the voters still had to mandate the agenda for town planning by casting their vote, many actions were already being taken without common consensus.

5) Unless people mandate the kind of change required in the government to function more productively, the country will continue to live in the past.

2) The more you try to mandate the actions and behavior of your kids, the more they will turn rebellious and get out of hand.

3) The authorities have already taken a lot of time to mandate the application given to them several months ago.

The new government must live up to new expectations and fulfill their promises.

2) Since it was a royal mandate, it had to be implemented as soon as possible.

6) As much as the doctor wanted to mandate an hour of exercise for the patient, he refrained from doing so because he knew that it was a very high target to begin with.