These frantic sections are interspersed with quiet, almost beautiful, doom strumming.From black metal, to doom, and then culminating in what can only be described as progressive rock.

Opium Warlords is the brainchild of Sami Hynninen, better known as Albert Witchfinder and as the frontman of the dearly departed Reverend Bizarre.

As the bizarre album-title and cover art indicates, this is not a traditional doom metal record.

The experimental and odd nature of this album warrants a track-by-track breakdown to fully comprehend its schizophrenic ways.

The opening track “Sxi-Meru” is a mix of distorted noise, windchimes, and some light strumming, immediately setting a slow deliberate pace and cementing an eerie atmosphere.

Clocking in at twelve minutes, “Slippy” must be considered the centerpiece of We Meditate...

Starting off with some tribal-sounding drums over a church organ, it soon devolves into some odd fast riffs, cymbal crashes and full-on black metal vocals.

In stark contrast to the opening droning, here it seems like Hynninen is baring everything, down to the demo-like recording quality.

Unfortunately the song stops abruptly, breaking the accumulated atmosphere. falls short because of a lack of cohesive direction.

The melody is based on Rachmaninov’s “Ave Maria” from 1915. In 2012, Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”. Hasse Rosbach: bass, electric guitar, choir, melodic percussion, percussion, mellotron, piano (12). Katrine Schiøtt: cello, vocals.[…]: piano, würlitzer, organ (10).

Open Letter written by the Kabyle singer, poet and secularist Lounès Matoub.

The base riff of “This Wind Is A Gift From A Distant Friend” sounds like a Reverend Bizarre-track slowed down, to massively distorted effect.