Most of us have a dating disaster we would rather forget - that toe-curling moment that still jolts you awake in a 3am cold sweat, even many years later.

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Cameras will capture the hope and the heartbreak of that first meeting as the couples share a three-course meal.

The fresh-faced singles have been matched on their likes and ­dislikes.

Now TV2 is hoping for a ratings winner with First Dates New Zealand.

In the show, eight hopeful singletons will be set up on a nerve-racking blind date each week.

It is narrated by Kiwi Living presenter Sam Pease, who authored the book Date Like A Dude.

Behind the scenes, Auckland-based Masefield will coach and support the love-hungry ­contestants.

He had been very intense with me and made a point of wanting us to have some time together face-to-face since we'd both been overseas. I picked him up from the airport and took him home to my place to shower and get ready. Mum said it would be rude to wake him up (she doesn't know this, but I did try to wake him, almost every hour).

My family, conveniently, were all home as they wanted to meet him. So he slept all day and then I woke him to take him back to the airport. It was our second date and we went to the opening of Beards Beards Beards at the Basement. She was standing at the door holding a beer and a wine - "Whichever one you want, babe" - so I took the beer and we headed in. My ex was sitting only three seats away, but I was determined to make it easy and affable.

"It is not just about dressing to impress or trotting out all your achievements," she says.

"You have a much better chance of getting to a second date or forming a relationship if you are relaxed and come across as being comfortable in your own skin.

Don't• Sleep together too soon, let things build naturally.• Overdo the alcohol before and during the date.• Take criticism too personally or you may give up at the first hurdle.• Send explicit photos to your date.