Builder/** * Decompress the content of @p zip Stream to the directory @p target Dir.

* @param target Dir The directory where the zip should be extracted. */ public static void decompress To(File target Dir, Input Stream zip Stream) /** * Unzip the given Zip file, located in application assets, into the given destination file.

* @param component Name the component name * @param in the input stream containing the model * @throws IOException * @throws Invalid Format Exception */ protected Base Model(String component Name, Input Stream in) throws IOException, Invalid Format Exception /** * Downloads the XML or ZIP file from the given URL, passing a valid response to [email protected] Xml#parse(Input Stream, Encoding, Content Handler)}using the given [email protected] Content Handler}.

java updating zipentry-50

The end-user documentation included with the redistribution, if* any, must include the following acknowlegement:* "This product includes software developed by the* Apache Software Foundation ( Alternately, this acknowlegement may appear in the software itself,* if and wherever such third-party acknowlegements normally appear.** 4.

The names "Ant" and "Apache Software* Foundation" must not be used to endorse or promote products derived* from this software without prior written permission.

* @param file the file name * @param pattern TODO * @param skip Lines TODO * @return a file reader that uncompresses data if needed * @throws IOException * @throws File Not Found Exception */ private Buffered Reader get File Reader(final String file, String pattern,int skip Lines) throws IOException, File Not Found Exception /** * Get file reader that corresponds to file extension.

bodewig 2003/07/02 Modified: src/main/org/apache/tools/zip Zip Added: src/main/org/apache/tools/zip Zip Log: Initial support for reading of ZIP files - uncomplete as you cannotget an Input Stream to the Zip Entrys yet.

* @param jar byte[] from a */ public Updater(byte[] jar) /** * Deletes the deployment.

* @param req The webscripts request * @param status The webscripts status * @param cache The webscript cache * @param model The webscripts template model */ @Override protected void execute Web Script(Activiti Request req, Status status, Cache cache, Map/** * Get file reader that corresponds to file extension.

/** * Opens zip file and navigates to a proper entry.

It's caller's responsibility to close the input stream.

* @param search String The path filename to search for. */ public static boolean is In Jar(String search String) /** * Creates an Updater instance by parsing the classes out of a byte[] from a