‘He did disclose to me that he liked to travel first-class.’ He added: ‘This appeared to be a friendship between Fox and Werritty and I think Werritty perhaps overstepped the friendship into an official role.

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Mr Werritty was not the man in the flat at the time of the break-in They became a couple five years before they wed.

Their marriage (above) took place at Westminster Abbey and Adam Werritty was Dr Fox's best man.

Mr Werritty also stands accused of offering to improve the regime’s international reputation following accusations that the government there was guilty of genocide during its war with the Tamil Tiger rebels.

Pressure intensified on the Defence Secretary yesterday as David Cameron faced growing calls to draft in Sir Philip Mawer, the independent guardian of the ministerial code of conduct, to rule on whether Dr Fox has broken the code.

Burglary probe: A police scene of crime officer at Liam Fox's flat near London Bridge investigates after thieves stole a laptop, mobile phone and car during a break-in.

It emerged today that a man was staying in the spare room at the time It also emerged today that Dr Fox tagged four short foreign trips with Adam Werritty on to official Government visits thanks to flights funded by the taxpayer.

He said he had assumed that Mr Werritty was a Government adviser to Dr Fox.

‘To me he was the route to Liam Fox, without a doubt,’ Mr Boulter said.

Mr Werritty, who is single, said in his speech that Dr Fox’s parents were delighted that the wedding had finally taken place.

He said: 'On the day of the worst unemployment figures in 17 years, the Prime Minister is fighting to save the job of the Defence Secretary while he is doing nothing to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people up and down this country.

A source close to Mr Hintze, who is worth £500million, told the paper that he often gave office space to charities he supported.