We’re sure he was just happy to be a source of entertainment for so many people.

He was talented and caring, and we’re all lucky to call ourselves his friend.”GRADY: That was like …

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Aylan Kurdi lying face down in the sand on a Turkish beach, Omran Daqneesh, caked in dust, dazed and unaware of his injuries, Kim, the little-naked girl screaming after napalm bomb attack on her village in Vietnam in 1972. They left us all seething over the futility of war and fighting.

Unfortunately, pictures of children have turned into the most powerful portrayal of the human cost war and suffering.

They’re just early adopters of a kind of judgy stalking that 10 years later is going to be pretty commonplace. First of all, the investigation — which at this point, remember, is only a few hours old — it ramps up. The same way on cop shows they always map out the criminal organization, they’re trying to do this with just, like, a random group of teeangers. Like, someone says, “Holy shit,” and someone says, “Hi Waynes Crew610,” and someone says, “Wow,” and someone posts two exclamation points.

Center of the bulletin board is the boy in the photo, that picture of him sitting on the bed. And then I’m the first one to say, “Wait a minute, RIP Wayne?

Just picture pages and pages of black text on a white background; everybody’s trying to outdo each other.

And lots of people are just imagining the dialogue between the boy and the girls on the bed.

The boy is 9-year-old Burhan Fayaz, caught inconsolably crying at the funeral of his friend Amir Nazir, who was killed in an alleged encounter by Indian security forces, in Padgampora of Pulwama, South Kashmir.

The HT report states that despite being warned, Amir, along with other locals ran towards an encounter to stop the operation and let militants escape.

that was like probably the best thing that you could — that you could hear. That this guy was a little bit different from his friends, but his friends loved him.

SP: So it’s a picture of a dude, like really, like, dude-capital-D, he’s like, what do you call that like, hand position he’s making with his hands? ” and I said, “Hi, my name’s PJ Vogt, I’m a technology journalist and I’m working on this story, um, about Tommy Loftus, and is there any way we could talk about it?

And now a young Kashmiri boy, seen wailing at the death of his best friend, has turned into a symbol of the ongoing strife in Jammu and Kashmir.