Then, come up to the second and look if he needs the second leaf.After this, he has to go to the third one, and again check if that is yellow.Thereby, our ant needs to go through literally every leaf until he finds the desired yellow one.

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Initially, the data on the scene geometry, which will be loaded into memory, is arranged randomly in terms of raycasting process.

Let us similarly suppose that all the leaves were chaotically thrown into pile.

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Especially, considering that the user is entirely limited to the proposed interface. Before start the rendering, V-Ray has to load into RAM the scene geometry for operative using it during calculation of the final image.

This is the initial aspect of the entire rendering process.

Each ray intersection is fixed and thus V-Ray determines the location of geometry in the scene, its basic properties and other information required for further rendering.

The process of calculation of the single raycast, i.e.

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