Information and registration this LINK ( you’ll find The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail programme for the weekend.

The North Face® is organising some really interesting events.

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Find out more in the attached flyer: Greetings from Dolomites!

Washington completed its return to the national stage Sunday with a berth in the College Football Playoff, while USC completed its recovery from a dreadful start to the season. Oregon reached the playoff in 2014, the inaugural year, but the conference was shut out last season when two-loss Stanford finished sixth.

The Holiday and Foster Farms bowls remain in play for the Cardinal but are viewed as unlikely, sources said.

Stanford has never played in the Holiday, but bowls officials are expected to invite Washington State.

The Huskies, who won the Pac-12 championship in impressive fashion, are the No. Other developments from bowl selection day: *** USC jumped over Colorado in the final selection committee rankings … The Trojans will face Penn State in a duel of storied programs.

4 seed and will face top-seed Alabama in the Peach Bowl. Colorado became the first team in the playoff era to drop out of the New Year’s Six group following a loss in its conference championship game.

BSP in a file browser, and make a folder named the same as the selected output folder. Probably you used a "model" texture on a world brush.

Use the replace texture dialog, search for "model" in your used textures and replace them by others.

This happens to a variety of people, most often when the person receiving the error has recently rebooted their computer after a crash, their computer dying, or a virus or other possible cause of computer data/memory loss. Use the Vertex Tool again to fix it by merging the unnecessary vertex with another.

If this happens, all you have to do is run the game you are making the map for, or simply browse to the closest file directory to the one you are trying to put the final . The inside of your map isn't properly sealed to the outside ("void"). A red line that starts at the specified entity will go through the leak at some point. A brush has an unnecessary vertex on a "flat" plane. There is a texture in your map that doesn't have a material surface property.

If you use custom textures make sure they have a There is a brush entity in your map that has a displacement. Search for a brush entity with a displacement on it and remove the displacement or move the brush entity back to a normal world brush. Either vbsp didn't create it because of an error (leak? (A fix is to make sure that the map name has no capital letters.) At the coordinates specified there is a surface lit by too many "effect" lights.