In doing so, she implicitly criticised the President for his famous refusal to classify militant groups such as Isis as “Islamic extremists”. The thousands of young foreign recruits to the cause of Isis were not “losers” – if so, she argues, why would they leave prosperous, decently governed countries such as Britain and the US to fight in half-destroyed cities in the desert sands?

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But a video eventually surfaced online, confirming that the rumors are true: Niall and Ariana did breathe the same air at some point — or to be more accurate, the same gas.

Ariana posted a low-quality video to Instagram depicting a batch of large pixels that, when viewed through heavily squinted eyes, take on the appearance of Niall, Ariana and two friends.

You can check out the video above, and be sure to keep the sound on so you can hear a squeaky-voiced Ariana say what sounds like, “I could make a broke bitch rich.” You probably could, Ariana.

Now check out this ridiculous quote: Says a friend: "Niall has a fair few enemies who feel he has got above his station, but Sue always stood by him.

You can check out photos of Ariana and her signature ponytail, as well as Niall’s weird obsession with gross newsboy caps, over at the Daily Mail.

We initially weren’t sure if this was mere tabloid fodder, because there’s no photographic evidence of the two interacting at the club — and seeing is truly believing.An investigative TV programme claimed she had supplied false information about her age, name and motives when applying for asylum.Ultimately she was forced to admit she had lied, but maintained that the reason for her request, that she was escaping from a forced marriage, was true.She was born in Somalia, brought up in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, only to seek asylum in the Netherlands and later migrate to America.Along the way, a devout and submissive Muslim girl turned into an author, campaigner for women’s rights and fierce defender of Western values. More important, she is arguably the most visible and effective critic of Islam on the planet.The book seeks to identify what must change in Islam to permit the separation of politics and religion and bring about a peaceful and tolerant faith – and how the West might hasten the process.