However, when there are ten or more years between you, then there are risks of the relationship failing.You may find you have different goals in life and issues about the future, such as when to settle down and whether and when to start a family.Often you are attracted to someone before you even find out their age and it is in that instance that age may be irrelevant, which shows that you like them for who they are.

You may have family issues going on too which can be upsetting at times.

Dating someone old enough to be your parent or young enough to be your son or daughter will often bring disapproval from family members.

There is no rule to say you must date people of the exact same age as you; it is down to each individual.

Being the same age as your date doesn't mean you will be equal in maturity.

It is quite possible to date someone much older or younger than you and have a similar maturity level.

When you first meet someone you don't tend to ask their age immediately, although you can usually guess which age bracket they are in.

You may discuss the future and mention that you would like to have children one day only to find out that they have different plans.

There is a possibility that they already have children and don't wish to have any more, or they may have previously been married and don't wish to marry again.

If both people involved are compatible despite an age gap, then age is just a number, nothing more.