It has been a long time since I've been at a Hooters, so I cannot vouch for the quality of the food today. Now it would be fun to see a restaurant with handsome men in swim trunks and tank tops for us women to ogle LOLMany years ago when I was a server, and waited on a couple, I made sure to pay more attention to the woman, at least gave her the most eye contact.

I've also sampled the Bertucci's, the Legal Seafoods and a nearby Irish restaurant as well during various "flying for lunch missions".

I liked the food, and never had a problem with the waitresses. Waitresses who wear T shirts and shorts are commonplace in Florida, where Hooters originated.

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And my hooters were not burgeoning over my white tank top at all .... If it's the chippendale, no wonder why the Hootettes weren't giving you the time of day while they drooled over his chippendale!

"My question is, when will they open a restaurant called "JOCKS"? Not only is she sexy shes sophisticated too and she just loved the attention she got and the money she made working there.( put herself threw school on hooters tips ) When she got pregnant she left the position but has tons of memories of it .I am friends with a couple of waitress's at one here in Ohio ....they could really care less how much you ogle them (yes they have great bods and they don't need you to confirm it, why else would they be working there? They are counting on their hooters/gams and pretty faces to help pay the bills. Food service industry that tips are expected, minimum wage is $ 2.25 an hour btw ... And the IRS ASSUMES you make at least 8% tip on every dollar and they take it from your non-whopping paycheck regardless.'Most of the regulars were men, and some of them had a lot of money.It wasn't unusual to receive a 0 tip on a Monday night after giving mediocre service to a couple of businessmen watching the football game.Hooters, I'll agree, is a little bit of a harkening back to the "lost turf" of days gone bye, but it plays its role with style and grace. I used to go to the Hooters in Warwick Rhode Island that is across the street from the TF Green Airport (Providence, RI aka PVD).