Does the switch have any debug logging capabilities you can enable? %Error reading ymodem: (I/O error) 0 bytes copied in 28.471 secs (0 bytes/sec) Test Switch# Unfortunately, the switch only allows uploads via Ymodem, not downloads.

updating ios via xmodem-76

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**** WARNING **** x/ymodem is a slow transfer protocol limited to the current speed settings of the auxiliary/console ports.

During the file transfer, the connection is busy transferring the file, so the router can’t display any messages. However, most terminal emulator programs provide a status window to let you keep track of the file transfer.

When the transfer is complete, the terminal emulator will drop out of the file transfer mode and the router will put up its normal prompt again.

Hello Casey, The ^Z (Ctrl Z) sequence is padding that is added when the last packet is less than 128K. The Xmodem issue appeared to actually be due to me being a dummy.

If that is not being stripped by the receiver (Cisco device), it would seem the Xmodem software on the device is not functioning correctly. The garbage at the beginning was due to me using UTF-8 encoding instead of ANSI.

So, in general, we don’t recommend using this method unless you can’t use TFTP for some reason.

The first step, once you have a copy of the IOS image on your computer, is to connect to the router’s AUX port.

Other packages such as Pro Comm tend to be somewhat faster. Even after we increased the speed of the Aux port to 115,200 bps, the file transfer took nearly 25 minutes to complete.

By comparison, loading the same IOS version via TFTP through an Ethernet connection took less than four minutes.

We should stress that this process can be extremely slow.