Although she had no plans of going back to school, Miles acknowledged that her chosen career would not last forever.

Eventually, she would have to get a degree so she can get a decent job.

Sexually transmitted diseases, including the incurable Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), don’t scare her.

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Miles’ story One of them is 20-year-old Miles, who decided to drop out because she believes that prostitution is the easiest way to help her mother and three siblings, as well as provide her wants and needs.

“I can give my mother more money if I continue working as a a sex worker.

Unlike Sofia, Miles does not work in a club but stays home and waits for a text message from customers on where and what time they will meet.

She uses her earnings to buy new cellular phones, trendy clothes, food and makeup.

Toni’s story A gay escort named Toni, a fine arts student, confirmed that many students are sex workers. Toni said that because of his income, he was able to provide for his family and pay his tuition.

“I don’t think the government can do anything because it’s not just me who’s into it. Toni, 22, offers sexual service to homosexual foreigners and gets P1,500 to P 2,500 per client. “We join dating sites where most of the foreigners (mostly old Caucasian and Americans) come to visit and meet us for sex,” he said.

Since work was hard to come by for a high school graduate, she took it.

“I didn’t like it but I had no choice,” Sofia cried.

Sofia goes to school in the morning because her work starts from 7 p.m. Her income allows her to buy food, as well as pay for her board and lodging, and other school fees.