I liked vocal prayer while she liked to sit quietly and meditate.I loved the rosary while she still finds praying a complete one difficult.Peter and Bernadette: We have been married for 33 years.

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Don’t say a word and allow the Holy Spirit to work through the both of you.

We have been doing this for about six months now and since my husband is a man of few words in prayer, it has been a marvelous experience.

I know God created us differently, so it’s no wonder that we pray differently too.

Lynne: Bob and I heard a counselor on TV saying that the best way to pray together as a couple is to hold hands at night in bed before falling asleep.

When trouble comes they immediately come together to pray. Together, united in prayer before God, they know they can face anything.

Here’s the basic format of Joe and Shelly’s morning prayer time. They keep it short, getting to the point, taking turns back and forth as a team, until it feels complete.

And Joe knows better how to pray for Shelly when she expresses her heart felt concerns to him.

As they humble themselves, and are honest with each other before God, something deep and powerful happens. They know that if pride holds them back, prayer becomes shallow and ineffective.

Mary and Dom: I pray in the evening with my husband in bed, which is really wonderful.