People often use webcams to keep an eye on a loved one or a pet.

With the help of WFSB Network Administrator Peter Canoni, the I-Team found the real address.

The camera does not have a secret password, so he was able to log in to the camera itself and grab the IP Address that identifies the camera online.“So I look up that IP address to see who owns it, and then I can see here the owner and the address,” Canoni said.

The hotline has been established by the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT).

Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuva) is a Baltic country in northeastern Europe.

Lithuania is this year attending the Leipzig Book Fair in Germany as the guest of honor this year, presenting translations of work by 26 Lithuanian authors published in 15 publishing houses of Germany and Austria.

The I-Team looked into how webcams can go from a source of security to a feed that may be made available to strangers online.

And it could be your baby sleeping or if could be an older relative home alone and they could figure out where it is,” the I-Team asked.“Correct,” Canoni said. People need to go find the manual for their webcam and see if there's a way to set a unique password.

A lot of these cameras come with the password set at "password" or "admin.” Unless people change it, someone could easily break in.

It works in close cooperation with European networks (European Schoolnet, Insafe), policy makers and third parties (schools, industry).

One of the key successes of the Lithuanian SIC has been the "Safe on the internet during summer time!

10 events were organised during June and July, visiting children's summer camps in various regions of the country.