Although 1,500 police officers were deployed on the streets that night, the sheer number of revelers meant they were overwhelmed.

The so-called "mass molestation," as it's been reported by the Indian press, has focused national and international attention on a part of India traditionally believed to be relatively safe for women.

Local newspaper the Bangalore Mirror was among the first to report on the sex attacks.

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In one disturbing CCTV video published by the Times of India, a woman is seen walking down a residential street near a main road in east Bangalore.

Two men jump from a scooter and sexually assault her in a sustained and brutal attack.

Bangalore is traditionally thought of as one of India's safer cities for women.

The southern megacity—sometimes known as the Silicon Valley of India—is the epicenter of India's technological revolution.

Bangalore authorities have now committed to investigating the assaults, but their initial delay has done much to dampen the faith of women across the city that they take sexual violence seriously.

Women across Bangalore were sexually assaulted that night, and not just those on MG Road, the epicenter of the attacks.

It says that events began to unfold at around midnight, as groups of men "started pawing, molesting and passing lewd remarks on women on the streets, forcing some of them to literally take off their stilettoes and run for help." Photographs show visibly distressed women being comforted by female police officers; in another, a group of men is seen surrounding a frightened woman.