When I am teaching night game I advise my students to stand with their legs astride and occupy as much space as possible as the more space you occupy, the higher the status you demonstrate.However, in the example above, the normal thing to do is to lower your status and occupy a similar space to the little girl to allow her to feel on the same level as you.

Even though this may be the case, all beautiful women do not always wake up every morning believing that they are beautiful.

All women (and in most cases especially beautiful women) have doubts and insecurities about themselves.

So for example, Brad Pitt is good looking, wealthy, successful and famous.

If he were to walk into a bar and start talking to a beautiful woman, she would feel comfortable with him because of his high status.

The reason why Kezia’s students get better results than the students of any other pick up coaches is because we teach game but have the unique position of understanding a woman’s perspective.

As a woman, I get approached all the time and have an acute awareness of my value and level of attraction.The first approach would likely scare her but the second would make her feel as if she can relate to you because you are physically on the same level as her.This is a very natural way to interact with someone of lower status such as a child and also can apply in a seduction.She may feel a little intimidated but she certainly would not feel threatened or feel that he was going to attack her.Not everyone can be Brad Pitt, so there are other tools I teach my students to recreate the effects that Brad Pitt benefits from, such as social proof game where Kezia and I surround my students with beautiful women.Now before you all start becoming blubbering wrecks and start crying or weeping half way into every interaction with a woman and telling her all your problems in order to show vulnerability, it is important to realise the areas where is it okay to show that you are actually human.