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Ten percent of the country is national park territory and 25% is covered by forest.

Its claim to fame is that it grows one third of the worlds raspberries.

The Carpathians meet the Balkan Mountains, following the course of Velika Morava, a 500 km long (partially navigable) river.

Midžor peak is the highest point in Eastern Serbia at 2156 m.

Contents [hide] 1 Geography 1.1 Climate 1.2 National parks 2 History 2.1 Medieval Serb kingdoms and the Empire 2.2 Ottoman/Austrian rule 2.3 Serbian revolution and independence 2.4 Rise of the Kingdom/Crownland of Vojvodina 2.5 World War I and the birth of the "First Yugoslavia" 2.5.1 Casualties 2.5.2 Kingdom of Yugoslavia 2.6 World War II and persecution of Serbs 2.6.1 Coup d'état and "Nedic's Serbia" 2.6.2 Persecution of Serbs in wartime-Croatia 2.7 SFRJ, the "Second Yugoslavia" 2.8 SRJ, the "Third Yugoslavia" and the Kosovo War 2.9 Democracy/State Union 2.10 Republic of Serbia 3 Government and politics 3.1 Administrative subdivisions 4 Demographics 4.1 Cities 5 Religion 6 Economy 7 Culture 7.1 Tourism 7.2 Education 8 Infrastructure 8.1 Communications 8.2 Transportation 9 Holidays 10 See also 11 References 12 External links Geography Main article: Geography of Serbia Serbia is located in Europe, on the Balkan peninsula and in the Pannonian Plain.

It is placed at the crossroads between Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.The Danube river (2850 km) flows through the northern third of the country; it is 588 km long and forms the border with Croatia and part of Romania, alongside the Wallachian Plain in the east.The Sava river forms the southern border of the Vojvodina province, flows into the Danube in central Belgrade, and bypasses the hills of the Fruška Gora in the west.Serbia's government currently does not recognize Kosovo's independence.The response from the international community is mixed.Serbia became an independent state again in 2006, after Montenegro left the union which was formed after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1990s.