This thing makes me puke."Jude: "Today is about running through hurdles, bra! "Nikki: [louder] "So how's the no-boys thing going?

Congrats on being...famous."Kirsten: "Yeah, totally. I'd love to." [Jonesy hands her a drink.] "Oh, Phoenix, this is my assistant, Jonesy." [She takes a sip.] "Hwaah! "Phoenix: "Good help is so hard to find."Jen: "Tell me about it." [Caitlin and Jude are on the Vomit Comet, waiting for it to go.]Caitlin: "I don't know, Jude.

The one who gave you a cold sore."Caitlin: "Lip thingy!!!

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" [quietly] "We've got our Lindsay replacement." [shaking hands with Jen] "Ron Hughes, director! Fear is nothing to be afraid of unless you let it scare you, dudette! Caitlin's phone rings, and she answers.]Caitlin: [panting] "Nikki?

"Ron Hughes: "Ooh, trouble with the English language, but that is so hot in Hollywood these days! "Caitlin: "I thought you were supposed to jump over hurdles."Jude: "Over, through, under, whatever it takes to get past them! "[Caitlin sees the drop up ahead and gasps.]Caitlin: [to Jude] "I'm so nervous.

The stand is open, but Caitlin is nowhere around.]Jonesy: "Caitlin? Now I have to make their drinks myself." [He enters the stand and starts working.]Pre-Teen Girl #1: "Three lemon whips, please."Jonesy: "Hey! I'm just trying to fix a drink for Jen Masterson, superstar! "Pre-Teen Girl #1: [shocked] "Jen Masterson drank from that cup? "Jonesy: "You can't be serious."Pre-Teen Girl #1: "Fifteen! " [Ron drives by with Jen.]Nikki: "Can you see them together? And–"Wyatt: "Jude throws wet toilet paper at the ceiling in the loathsome washrooms! That is so not Caitlin." [In the washrooms, Jude is teaching Caitlin the art of the wet toilet paper toss.]Jude: "You're up. "[Darth points to the back of the line, and the two head there. Sorry I got so bossy." [She laughs nervously.] "Boy, is fame fickle."Jonesy: [handing Jen some money] "Sorry about your stuff. Treat yourself to some new socks."Jock: [hustling up to the table] "Uh, Caitlin?

" [The girls take the cup and squeal.] "Spread the word! " [to himself] "When opportunity knocks, make sweet sweet lemonade." Ron Hughes: "And...cut! Those are the films that win all the awards."Phoenix: "That's what I keep telling my agent! First you and Jonesy, now Caitlin and Jude–aw, that leaves me and Jen! When they see how long it is, they cut to the front.]Darth: [stopping them] "Back of the line, stargazers."Wyatt: "We're not fans, we're friends! Though I had a date last night, and I'm seeing him again today. "Wyatt: "I guess we had it all wrong."Jen: "I had it all wrong too.

" [Caitlin walks by, covering her lips.] "Hey Caitlin, you hear the news? "[Caitlin heaves the Big Squeeze open and starts to get out her equipment without moving her lip hand.]Nikki: "Caitlin, what's up?

"Caitlin: "Oh, I just feel a yawn coming on, and I want to be ready."Jen: "Caitlin, move your hand."[Caitlin moves her hand, revealing a cold sore on her lower lip.]Caitlin: "I have a lip thingy!

Shame about the cold sore."Caitlin: [walking away disappointed] "Lip thingy."Jonesy: "Dude, glad you dig my stepsister, but you're going to love me."Ron Hughes: "No thanks. "Jonesy: "Nine lines won't make you a star."[Kristen and Kirsten run up giggling.]Kristen: "Hi Jen. And one for me while you're at it."Caitlin: [making the drinks] "So how's it going over there? And that director has no eye for talent." [He takes the drinks.] "Thanks."Caitlin: "Seeya! " [Jen is talking with an actor.]Phoenix: "Move to L. Mountains, sunshine, plastic surgery for pets..."Jen: "Sounds amazing. " [handing over her drink] "I want it sweeter, and uh, get it right this time!

"[Ron and Darth leap in to drag Jonesy.]Wyatt: "Hey Jonesy. You got nine lines."Caitlin: "You're gonna be a star, Jen! Well that lasted a whole half hour."[The three friends quit paying attention just as Jude yanks Caitlin away.]Caitlin: "Jude! Jude is with her, costume under his arm.]Jonesy: "Superstar wants a lemon whip. Don't let your assistant talk to you like that."Jonesy: "Actually, I'm her step–"Jen: [interrupting] "My uh, stepping stone to a better assistant who doesn't talk so much!

"[Wyatt and Nikki stare straight ahead, shocked.]Ron Hughes: "Okay, people! Twenty for the pillowcase, drool and all."Nikki: "We gotta talk. " Sweet 6teen • Baby, You Stink • Selling Out To The Burger Man • The Journal • Silent Butt Deadly • The New Jonesy • Wrestlemania • Prank'd • 2-4-1 • Another Day at the Office • Oops, I Dialed It Again • How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas • Insert Name Here • All Pets Are Off • J is For Genius • Bicker Me Not • Love At Worst Sight • The One with the Cold Sore • Double Date • Fashion Victims • Whoa, Baby • Cheapskates • Opposites Attack • Mr.

"[Jude and Caitlin have made a smiley face on the ceiling.] [Nikki and Wyatt are inside the Penalty Box.]Wyatt: "Even if they are dating, I'm sure they're taking it slow."Caitlin: "Hey guys! "Wyatt: "We'd better tell Jen and Jonesy." [There is a line by the fountain to get autographs from the cast.]Little Girl: [holding out one of Jen's baby pictures] "Would you sign this for me? " [She calls Jen.]Jonesy: [answering] "Jen Masterson's phone." [He has people thrusting money at him.]Nikki: "Jonesy? "Jonesy: "'Cause some actor told Jen that cell phones cause brain tumors, and Jen said better me than her." [to a fan] "30 bucks for the yearbook, there's good stuff in there."Nikki: "We think Jude and Caitlin are dating."Jonesy: "No way! Meet you there in five." [Jen is using the changing rooms at the Khaki Barn.]Kirsten: "Come out, and we'll tell you how super-hot you look, no matter what."Jen: "I love having this store to myself. " [Nikki and Wyatt walk up.]Kirsten: "Uh, the store's closed, Nikki. "Nikki: "Uh, I work here, Kirsten, and that celebrity shopper is my best friend."Jen: "Nikki? The one you gave a cold sore t–"Caitlin: "Lip thingy!

"Nikki: [to Wyatt] "So, it sounds like Caitlin's falling fast for this new guy."Jen: [to Phoenix] "I definitely think my next project will be more of an indie. "[The girls swarm Jonesy.] [Wyatt and Nikki are walking through the mall.]Wyatt: "Ah, If Jude and Caitlin are dating, it's gonna change things! "Nikki: "Well, la-di-dah." [Wyatt and Nikki come to the back of the long line for autographs. "Nikki: [sarcastic] "That went well." [The friends are gathered around the usual table.]Caitlin: "I can't believe you guys thought Jude and I were dating."Jude: "For shame, dudes."Caitlin: "I was taking a break from boys.