But a parallel demographic change - people having their children later - means that this generation of children may well be the first and last to have significant numbers of great-grandparents around. Great Granny Jean taught my children and me so much just by being alive.She was a tangible link to the past, a reminder of how much things have changed, a real person who brought real history to life.With three children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren, she was meticulous at staying in touch but kept her phone calls short and to the point. So she really would not have liked to leave the world without ensuring her “to do” list had been fully ticked off. They hold a special place within the structure of a family.

But the children provided something important for her too - a sense of longevity, of being at the head of a family that will carry on her genes. I like to think this was one of the reasons why age never really held her back. Sent emails to her friends, surfed Google in her spare time and started Internet shopping.

Why she continued to learn new things and try new experiences. She was the only nonagenarian I knew with Sky Sports. At 94, she was crowned Norfolk’s oldest new car owner in the EADT’s sister paper the Eastern Daily Press after purchasing a brand new Nissan Micra.

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You’re in the heart of commuterville with trains to London Paddington from Maidenhead; London Waterloo from Windsor; and the M4 and Heathrow nearby.

Great Granny Jean saw the birth of consumerism, the rise in medicine, the digital revolution and she was an excellent storyteller. Great grandparents are part of a truly exclusive club.

Other members include Mick Jagger, the Queen and Julie Andrews.

But academics believe that we may be in a unique demographic window right now.

Baby boomers had their children in their mid-20s in the 1960s - 24 was the average age of a first birth in 1966. At the same time, more of us are living longer - there are 23.2 million people over 50 in the UK today compared with 13.8 million in 1951.

She crewed a sailing boat until she was in her 80s. She was rather proud of the fact that she made the front pages.