In these cases it is easy and plenty of time to take specomens from the head, and the lover body is free to be inspected in all thinkable ways.

The experimentation can then be performed in the van or the areal vehicle, or one drives him to some sort of center where the procedures tkes place.

In both cases the ordeal happens in advanced medical surroundings, just like a surgery theater.

The address of the poll is: You can also comment at the message board of the poll: By Knut Holt Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] ABSDUCTION OF CHILDREN BY THE GOVERNMENT -- Knuit Holt, 04/17/16 Sun Alien Abduction or Perhaps Rather Abduction of People by The Government?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The stories of people, and especially of children and teens, being abducted by aliens in UFOs are so consistant that they essentially are true, but who are really the abductors?

But if these things really happen, but not by alien visitors, some earthly instances must be the abductors.

Here is an alternative explanation: Governments in several countries have several projects, where they first give persons deep anesthesia and then abduct or take hold of the individuals in order to do secret examinations and experiments on the individual.

Use of drones and areal vehicles is the technically avantgardistic way of bringing in the child.

Most often, the authorities prefere using the oportunity when the person is scheduled for some minor medical procedure under sedation or general anesthesia, especially procedures at the upper body like dental work, eartube insertion or removal, tonsil or adenoid surgery or ear surgery.

I have made a poll to investigate these practices further.

Please take the poll if you have experienced something of the kind.

He is doped by medication, or he is already in for some ordinary procedure and have been given medication.