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DSO094 - Two-channel Digital Oscilloscope, 10MHz Bandwidth DSO 094 is the first two-channel oscilloscope from JYE Tech.

It has full 10MHz analog bandwidth and 50MSa/s sampling rate on each channel.

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See details DSO096 - 5MHz Pocket Oscilloscope DSO 096 is a new member of JYE Tech oscilloscope family with greatly enhanced frequency meter.

It can be battery/USB powered and comes with built-in charger.

See details FG085 mini DDS Function Generator FG085 is not only a handy signal generator of many common signals but also an accurate servo tester/controller.

Thanks to the theriendly user interface operation of FG085 is easy and straightforward. See details Educational Oscilloscope DIY Kit This small, simple yet useful digital oscilloscope is capable to do 20Msps hardware equivalent-time sampling.

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