Around 1999/2000, it became a daily read while developing various Internet properties, applications, etc.ALL of the answers to our many questions pertaining to the markup languages we were utilizing such as HTML Elements and Attributes were available at the W3.

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In that scenario, you might have semantic markup that looks like this...

[ul] [li] [A: /parts/] [A title: Parts Department] [IMG src: /images/parts.png] [IMG alt: Parts] [/li] [li] [A: /accessories/] [A title: Product Accessories] [IMG src: /images/accessories.png] [IMG alt: Accessories] [/li] [li] [A: /service/] [A title: 24 Hour Emergency Service] [IMG src: /images/service.png] [IMG alt: Service] [/li] [/ul] attribute into consideration? It doesn't matter to me, my users may take it into consideration and that is the priority.

Prepare yourselves for hours of reading or, take the short way out and read the Summary on The Importance of Website Validation. Most web documents are written using HTML or XHTML and CSS markup languages.

There are technical specifications that define these markup languages and they include a It makes me curious, however, to know what are the real life arguments in favor of valid, standard code today.

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Remember, that user could be Googlebot, Slurp, MSNBot or any other UA designed to index and crawl data.

It could also be a visitor using assistive software technologies to access your ecommerce site.

The above topic was the fuel for this document from the W3 on why website validation is important. We're talking years of reading technical documents at ALL levels of the W3, documents that provide a depth of understanding that goes beyond your everyday Surface SEO.