Still, men are always looking for something serious because believe it or not most men dont want to die alone.

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The problem is, we can’t tell women we’re looking for a serious relationship because in their conceit they will naturally assume we’re looking for a serious relationship with them specifically, while this is only sometimes the case. Boys are looking to have relations with as many women as possible until the end of time.

Men are willing to have relations with as many women as possible but are simultaneously keeping an eye out for a good woman they want to be with exclusively.

**Bringing you guys a special treat today, it’s Wisdom Is Misery. We hope to bring you more guest posts in the future, so please show him some love and check him out at his blog, The key word is “looking.” I don’t usually make widespread assumptions but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this one.

Despite the claims to the contrary, men are always looking for a serious relationship.

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The advanced search allows you to specify interests and criteria that will help you find exactly the person you are looking for.Not knowing this man, I don’t know the specifics, but I do know he clearly had his eye open for a relationship and for whatever reason someone else made it to the finish line before you.I say all this to say, as the title states, men are always looking. I don’t know about most men (or people) but generally speaking, I already have an idea of where I see myself with a woman about 5 minutes into the conversation.Thousands of same-sex marriages are taking place throughout the world, with individual countries embracing gay love and recognizing same-sex unions by legalizing gay marriage.The reality is that more and more gay men and women are looking for the love of their lives and dreaming about their own wedding.As I mentioned earlier, we can’t tell women this so we keep it to ourselves.