The katas were created hundreds (even thousands) years ago by martial art masters and were continuously developed and modified during the years.

However, at some point in time, due to a great respect to the great masters - katas were "frozen" and became a tradition that one practices exactly.

This fits with the lyrics as interpreted by one musician who who posted his tabulature: "I declare they're out the book".

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I couldn't find reliable lyrics to this version by Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell (not the Lomax recording version).

Maybe you native speakers can understand the last several lines?

Moreover it confirms my belief that the blues is older than most people think, which is why by the 1920s it is a fully formed and sophisticated kind of music.

I have to go back and read this a few more really a treasure.

I feel the same with respect to the blues masters - and therefore it is important for me to follow them as much as I can. So they evolved based on each master's way of teaching others. "Codified" means the folk process is being replaced by a formal process. We want to honor the roots and the traditional process. He uses the words "hook" and "gloom" in the last verse, from two different very old colloquial expressions associated with the blues (depression, that is) and fishing.

And on each student's way of interpreting the master. The natural variations, including what seemed like errors, across the master-student generations are lost. You might relax your exacting goal of faithful duplication when you know that "duplication" is a formal, modern value. O, you know, I'm goin' somewhere You ain’t never been. I know my baby - she ain’ treat me right ("she's cheating on me"). In the older version, he intends to carry his rocking chair down to the river to fish (hence, "chair his hook", tie it to the chair leg so he doesn't have to focus) and can wait for the blues to pass him by (hence, "chair his gloom", lit., to sit somewhere and let the blues pass you by).

When I learn a new song, I get the lyrics from the web, read about it on the web (usually Wikipedia - if there is an article), then put it in repeat mode in my car so I hear it many dozens of times, then I start practicing playing it.

Here I was surprised to have troubles finding lyrics - I found the version you (Blues Hawk) pointed to - but was't sure it is the right one.

(language of the south), Possibly, he forgot the line and tried to 'blag' it.