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As with any online dating site, it’s imperative to exercise caution when meeting people, but even moreso when there’s an implied undertone of sex.

Take the time to get to know anyone from a “hook-up” site over coffee (and preferably not over drinks so your judgment isn’t impaired).

And the same goes for those looking only for sex: having sex doesn’t mean falling in love.

Be clear about your intentions and don’t put yourself in a position that you’re not ready or willing to handle.

If you’re dating multiple people, consider how you’re going to handle the prospect of sex.

Will sleeping with one person rule-out seeing others? Are you capable of juggling multiple dates and giving each one your focus?

It’s reliable and you will able to start dating with the site quite fast.

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And here’s a tip: if you’re interested in more casual dating, don’t hesitate to make your profile a bit more brief and the photos fewer.

Don’t shy away from the entire profile building process entirely, but you’re not looking to bear your soul to a potential mate.

Conversations reveal many things and it’s much easier to pass on a prospective bed mate than it is to undo what’s already been done under the covers.