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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud.

Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims.

I was also scammed by someone with the name of Mike Bobby an engineer from Bristol UK . He even Whats App me the stuff he sent me even the copy of his Courier Service which was Global Access Courier Service.

I sent the first money because apparently my parcel was in South Africa and I'm from Namibia .

I knew what he was the minute he friended me on facebook and said hello so I have had over two months of enjoyment making up stories for him. I give him the message and he freaks out..he will call the bank.

every time I go to send him money - some tragedy befalls me and I couldn't get there. I fell for a scammer too and he sent many pics of himself and his 2 daughters. Then he calls me back saying that the bank has frozen his account and he has to come in in person to reopen the account.

He thinks I am a wealthy widow who travels the world giving to charity. Scammers can try to lure you in by using 3rd party software that actually uploads a pre-recorded video & projects it through skype. When I found out he wasn't real I attempted to hurt myself. We even prayed together every night and then he would sing to me.. I don't know if I'll ever get over all of this mess.. He also sang on phone to me and I still hear from him after I ended it a long time ago. But be can't leave the Oil almost in tears panicking (an Academy award act!

Makes him upset that I give so much to the poor and he and his daughter are starving. They'll say "my microphone is broken," I'm going to buy a new one, and encourage you to communication via the keyboard/text messaging application.... I spent two weeks in the hospital and missed Christmas with my family. He had all kinds of photos of him and his little girl. ) I'm completely sucked in at this point and feel terrible. I spent all day yesterday doing a thorough background check...discovered catfish or romance scams..

The cam scam is that you see someone quickly but then the connection is lost or they don't have sound.