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Rad Chart for WPF is the exact tool to transform various business scenarios into interactive, rich, animated charts that enable the end users to analyze complex data.

The Chart Data Source component supports both index-based and Date Time sampling.

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Rad Chart allows you to visualize interactive, rich, animated charts and enables the end users to analyze complex data.

It provides rich and mature functionality that covers a large spectrum of user case scenarios.

Hi I saw this issue before but I didn't see any answer that worked for my situation.

The basic issue is i have a radchart within an ajax updatepanel (i have also tried just having it on the page itself) and i want to update the series and refresh the chart but every time i try it just puts reloads with the old series data.

In a data-bound Rad Chart sampling is turned on by default and is activated as soon as the Data Points number exceeds 200.

However, in some cases you might have to implement a custom sampling function that determines how to combine the values of two Data Points. Instead of providing a sampling mechanism after plotting the data, the control allows you to use a Chart Data Source component to sample the business data beforehand.

It displays correctly but when one (or more) of the buffers gets updated i want to update the chart to reflect the new state.

The only thing i'm able to do is recreating the chart from scratch that is a very simple solution yet not very clever...

As for your existing applications - the migration is possible but there is no straightforward migration path between Rad Chart and Rad Chart View due to the different approach taken in the development of Rad Chart View.