After you click on a message, and then click on something else, the message title is no longer bold, indicating that it has been read.But there are times when you might want to make it bold again so that you can easily find and look at it again later, for example.

outlook unread count not updating-70

However, it is still considered unread for sorting, grouping, or filtering.

PST File Repair can be acheived by using a suitable PST recovery tool like this one, that's specifically designed to help restore your Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files (.pst) so you can retreive your emails, contacts etc from an otherwise corrupt inbox file.

Except that it aggregates all search folders without hierarchy under the "Search Folders" folder, instead of under the root folder.

You can also create a "Custom Search Folder", similar to what was described above, that looks at each subfolder you want to watch. Then select the last option , "Create a custom search folder". In the "More Choices" tab, select the checkbox for "Only items that are" and select "unread" in the droplist.

Nor does any addon exist that can do so (some such addons may at the most show you alerts for unread mail).

This solution isn't as shocking as it seems, since the only other solution : creating custom search folders, is essentially the same thing.

I have a folder in MS Outlook called Technology, and under technology I have Software and Hardware.

If I setup rules to automatically forward email to Software or Hardware folder, I don't realize there are any unread mail unless I expand the Technology Folder.

Hi Everyone, Environment, Exchange 2007, Users are on outlook 2010.

The issue I have is with two different users, Both have permissions to see the public folder, when a new mail comes into the public folder one users public folder favourite updates to (1) unread. I have checked the obvious exchange PF setting of maintain per user read/unread and that is unchecked.

If your i Cloud email account is configured to use Push (in the Fetch New Data settings on your device), your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch will update automatically whenever you receive a new message in your @or @Inbox.&New Line;&New Line; However, moving an email to a folder, reading a message, or flagging a message does not trigger a push notification.