Confronted with Martina Navratilova's accusation that he is "up there with Roger Clemens," Agassi blinks repeatedly and speaks through a strangled voice as he points out that using steroids to be good at baseball is really nothing like the self-destructive pattern of chronic methamphetamine use, and anyone who equates the two is sort of a jerk. I would ask for some compassion."Watch CBS News Videos Online4.

came out in 2010, all of the hype I heard about it surrounded the fact that the tennis great had done meth and wore a hairpiece. But while reading the book last week, I learned a whole lot more about him. In the first chapter, Agassi describes how his father—a former Olympic boxer—got angry a lot.

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From time to time I will still have a game of tennis which is great but I'm not very keen on anything that puts too much strain on my hips or back.

These days, most of my spare time is spent ferrying my kids to their own sporting activities.

He talks about love, he talks about charity, he bares his soul and grapples with the meaning of redemption.

But obviously, all anyone cares about is hearing about is hearing about his fake hair, and other humiliations. The Time He Was Afraid His Wig Would Fall Off at the French Open.

In a later chapter, the first time Agassi’s dad and fellow hothead Steffi Graf’s father meet, they nearly get in a fistfight.

Agassi’s father tried to make pro tennis players of his three older siblings, but he knew Andre was the one.But when I'm snowboarding I'm just Andre, the regular guy rather than the former tennis champion.I've had the most amazing, life-affirming conversations sitting half way up a mountain with people I've just met.3 PIZZA OVENI am a very keen cook and have a wonderful kitchen but the jewel in its crown is my pizza oven which is fantastic for cooking fish and meat too.Jaden is a talented baseball player and Jaz's huge passion is hip hop dancing and I love seeing them so enthused and inspired about their sports.• Andre Agassi was speaking at the European launch of his "BILT by Andre Agassi & Gil Reyes" fitness range, which is available at selected David Lloyd Leisure clubs. Lucky Katie Couric scored the tell-all interview timed to coincide with Andre Agassi's tell-all memoir, where the ex-tennis star cops to ruining his career with a meth addiction and to wearing a toupee at the French Open.I really enjoy weightlifting and try to work on a different muscle group every day.