Separate, non-connected boards will be refused by the board house! We're learning that PCBs are freaking expensive to ship (heavy), so we are adjusting the price based on average order weight as time goes on. Wimpy little tabs and tight routing between boards will be refused.

Filthy cam 2 cam-24

In the future we plan to add next day and same day service, stay tuned. Previously shipping was included in the price of PCB 'protopacks', but now it's charged separately. The overall cost of your order will always be less than the "free shipping" scheme.

Airmail shipping without tracking is the cheapest option.

If you MUST have 10 PCBs please choose the '10' options at double the price.

If you don't mind an amazing deal on 9-12 PCBs the "Protopack" is perfect.

May be available in the advanced options of the PCB order form for an additional charge. Please be sure they have the correct file extensions shown below and put them in a ZIP archive. They're like a PDF for circuit boards, any manufacturer should be able to open the files and make the board if it is within their ability. If your drill layer seems 10-100x bigger than your PCB layers be sure you're using this CAM with Eagle v7.2.0 and newer. You'll receive an email every time your order is updated.

You can also check your order status any time using the link in the confirmation email, or using the status page.Yes, it seems unfair to pay for a 10x10cm package if all you want is a 5x6cm PCB.There are board houses that will charge by the square cm, but we think you'll find them even more expensive!V-groove cutting machine, see it in action on You Tube. Click "Layer Report" in the cart for an annotated analysis of your board files.This machine makes a V shaped cut about half way through the PCB material so they are easy to snap apart later. This can help spot missing layers and has help for common problems.This is so everyone knows which crappy PCBs to send you. We strive for cheap shipping and never profit from shipping fees.