An important part of our program is the recuitment and training of volunteers as camp leaders and positive role models for the children. Young adults are encouraged to become leaders and student placements are welcome.Contact the coordinator to arrange for an interview abiility to work as part of a team willingness to work in an unconditionally enthusiastic and positive manner wisdom to see each participant as an individual ability to implement and participate in a variety of appropriate activities and games ability to remain calm in a crisis sense of humour have a current 'working with children' check (applies if 18 years old or over) attend training prior to camp All volunteers must attend training prior to assisting with camps.Donating your time, materials or support services are another way you can contribute to this great cause.

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The Rainbow Pride Project brings together LGBTIQ speakers from various services to discuss topics such as healthy relationships & coming out.

For young people who are same sex attracted or gender diverse or questioning.

Under the current legislation we are required to go online and check all Working with Children checks.

Applicants are not accepted to work with children until online verifiction is 'cleared' and they have attended training prior to assisting with the Nano Nagle Camps.

From 15 March, -pm Anglicare Campbelltown 1800 133 373Dr Steven Walker will present a challenging behaviour workshops to Parents/carers who have children with challenging behaviours.

From 27 April to June 9th 2017 @ Ambarvale High School.The Presentation Sisters Wagga cover the program coordinator's wages.There are many ways you can help with a camp, such as donating money to assist paying for activities.Or you may like to consider investing in our children's wellbeing by sponsoring: a child for 0 bus hire 0 or a camp ,000 Our aim is to provide positive opportunities for all children. Donations by cheque can be made out to the: Nano Nagle Camps Fund Raising Account Deductible Gift Recipent (DGR) ABN: 49 466 879 789 If you wish to contact us to make a donation click here to use the contact page.International discount retailer TK Maxx is coming to Campbelltown.Results of a Check If you receive a clearance, you will be issued with a Working with Children Check number.