I finally feel like I’m where I want to be.” Hudgens echoes his sentiment.She had drug rumors thrown her way when, in a photo at Coachella last summer, she was seen licking white powder off her fingers.“It was the first movie that I really felt I had earned through my life experience — that perspective required to make this movie authentic and unique and stand out and mean something.” He’s certainly had a lot of “experiences” lately.

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Hudgens had graced the covers of countless fashion magazines and won favorable reviews for the music comedy “Bandslam.” After making their name as high-school students, they were poised for a bright future.

But, as with so many twentysomethings trying to figure it all out, things didn’t go quite as planned. Efron and Hudgens are both returning with intriguing projects.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, she said it was not cocaine or Ecstasy, but actually white chocolate.

That wasn’t even close to being her most salacious scandal. In 2009, more topless photos appeared, and yet again in 2011.

She sexed it up in last year’s “Spring Breakers,” and her latest movie required checking her ego at the door.

Based on a true story, “Gimme Shelter” sees her taking on the life of a pregnant 16-year-old runaway.

When “Today” asked him about rehab last week, he dodged the question: “I’m in the best place I’ve ever been . “In the old [Hollywood] days, fame was kind of cool because clearly it was earned,” Efron says.

“Starting with a lucky break, my dream from that point on was to sort of not be just successful, but to be a man of value.

Later this year, Hudgens will star in her first comedy, “Kitchen Sink,” which she calls a cross between “Shaun of the Dead” and “The Breakfast Club.” “The more people that you tell your goals to, the less powerful they become,” she says.

Just don’t count on a “High School Musical” reunion anytime soon.

While Efron’s attempts to go darker and more grown-up have gone largely unnoticed — not much was made of last year’s “At Any Price” or “Parkland,” and the Lee Daniels-directed “The Paperboy” ended up sounding much better on paper — “That Awkward Moment” finds the actor looking the most comfortable he has in years.