Title: Kim Jaejoong, “Scandal with actress is wishful thinking… ” Kim Jaejoong who is a member of JYJ and has made his onscreen debut in a full fledged commercial movie said he gained valuable colleagues in senior actors Oh Dal-Su and Han Sang-Jin through the movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’.Kim Jaejoong said “The two senior actors encouraged me, saying ‘Jaejoong-ah, continue to do movies” and “Though there aren’t scenes where we appeared together, we talked about many things during filming.” Previously in the TV series ‘Dr.

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P., who are known to be friends in real life, duke it out with their kiss scenes in their upcoming movies. P.'s movie, 19 is a story of three 19-year-olds that share a triangle love relationship. In Heaven's Postman, Jaejoong is a messenger for people who want to converse with people in heaven.

P.'s character and Heo Yi Jae's character are dating in the movie, and they start their relationship with a kiss that will get fan girls go crazy.

The two works are being hotly discussed, as they will both be aired on the same date - November 11th.

Recent photos of Korean actress Han Hyo-joo partying with pop singer Jaejoong from boyband TVXQ have sparked huge interest online.

Screen cut from Korean telecinema Heaven’s Postman, with the main leads Kim Jae-joong of boyband TVXQ and actress Han Hyo-joo sharing a kiss…

The movie was made in early 2009 but was only released recently after much delay.

Promotion image for upcoming Korean drama Protect The Boss, a comedic-romance flick starring Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Jae-joong and Wang Ji-hye.

This would be popular singer Jaejoong’s first starring role in a Korean drama series, thus garnering plenty of attention from the media and fans. Reina Tanaka Top 20 Japan’s most wanted boyfriend 2008 1.

especially when it involves member from one of the biggest boybands.

As expected, not all responses are positive with the possible “relationship”.

Jin’ Kim Jaejoong who forged a friendship with Song Seung-Heon said “Though we were nervous and busy concentrating [on the drama] since it was both of our first times acting in a historical drama, we became closer while filming together and we contact each other even now.” Through a succession of pieces, Kim Jaejoong who palled up with actors said “Now I want to get close to an actress” and got a whimsical concern.