But with Dave’s DIY assistance, and ,000 from savings and no-interest credit cards, Liess took a house that had been for sale for four years and, in six months, turned it into a jewel. “But it worked.” Two months later, in December 2009, a Better Homes and Garden editor saw the house’s transformation on Liess’s blog, purestylehome.

They had lost money on their Reston townhouse when the real-estate market collapsed.

At her mom’s house, Liess began design work full time, started her blog, which now gets approximately 120,000 hits a month, and found their current home.

Would you like to see ideas on how to improve, upgrade and modernize your home? In conjunction with a group of Twin Cities communities, we’ve published .

The book is full of ideas for remodeling, improving, and updating split-level homes.

Soon after, Liess was selected to participate in the D. Design House, where she debuted her own line of fabrics.

She currently has a 10-piece furniture collection in the works.Today, the house, much like Liess, exudes warmth, comfort and a charming personality.Also appealing: the blend of high and low, and old and new, that give her spaces the feeling of being assembled over time.And the pale green patterned wall is courtesy of a stencil that was hand-painted by Dave.“It took him three days,” she says, “but only cost .” In some rooms, Liess opted for low-cost, cosmetic fixes rather than expensive overhauls.The planbook offers homeowners and potential buyers remodeling ideas that can improve the livability, curb appeal, and long-term market value of their home." Download your copy here, or stop by our office in Woodbury to pick one up today!