April 2010: Brandon Particpates in Juxtapoz Magazine's 15th Anniversary Auction For their 15th anniversary auction event, Brandon was asked by Juxtapoz to join over 100 notable artists to donate a piece that will be up for auction.

The proceeds will go to The Power House Project which helps to purchase and renovate foreclosed and abandoned homes in the heart of this country.

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The gallery is featuring a display the visual art of musicians as it is the venue for the annual ASCAP Music Cafe.

On view will be Brandon's paintings "Ectoplasm" and "The Plunge".

Undefeated will join forces with TOMS as the exclusive seller of the collection.

"Kristin and I finished these massive canvases after a few days work and were both proud and depressed simultaneously.

All he wants to do is see Dylan." Murphy, who was recently honoured at the 25th annual Outstanding Mother Award, now lives in Los Angeles where she is dating Brandon Boyd, of neo-grunge band Incubus.

And Schroeder says she is no longer the woman he once loved.

February 2011: For Immediate Release: Hurley announces fashion and art collaboration with Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd to benefit H. "My relationship with Hurley began over a decade ago and was born of a mutual appreciation for surfing, music, art and like minds.

These designs are featured on the Hurley collaboration shirts.

Now remarried, he has custody of Dylan every other weekend, as well as three months in the summer and holidays in even-numbered years.

While Murphy has accused him of not honouring his obligations, however, Schroeder now claims that she is refusing to comply with the court decision.

December 2010: Art Duet Group Show at the Bootleg Theater Brandon was a part of the Art Duet group show at the Bootleg Theater featuring the work of Janette Beckman, Xany Rudoff, Alan Aldridge, Joseph Arthur and Mark Mothersbaugh.