Bollywood content is made quite visible in this add-on.Although there are other categories available, you will notice Indian Live Channels and Punjabi Live Channels immediately upon opening the plugin.

In 2006 Deepika Padukone was cast in her first film, Aishwarya, going straight in at the top as the female lead.8.

Before long, Deepika was a staple of fashion and men's magazines. Four years later she was also named People Magazine in India’s Most Beautiful Woman. Deepika actively promotes causes close to her heart in India.

Some of these add-ons contain strictly Indian content while others cover a larger range containing films and shows from other sources as well.

We will be reviewing 10 of the best Kodi add-ons for Bollywood and other Indian content below.

This includes Bollywood as well as a wide array of films from other genres.

Bearing this in mind, it is only natural that plenty of Kodi add-ons display content from Bollywood and other areas of the Indian film and TV industry.

Deepika was naturally sporty as a child and followd in her father's footsteps to become an excellent badminton player.

As well as playing competitive badminton at a national level she was also a star baseball player and participated in tournaments at a state level.3.

but a film set is a film set, and nothing changes.“The creative process is the same.

I don’t look at them as separate careers.“For me, it’s a part of the same journey.”Calling her time with Vin Diesel, Nina Dobrev, Ruby Rose et al “enriching”, she added: “I may not realise that now, but maybe when I walk on to the sets of Padmavati, there will be a moment when I might surprise myself.“It might happen in this film, or two years later.

Like may other actresses and models she has also popped up in music videos.