We promised to get together when he returned to Denver.

Mel, his videographer Cameron Terry, and I met at the Tattered Cover bookstore for an interview.

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As the travelers crisscrossed across the country to historical sites and their placements, many had the opportunity to visit with current volunteers.

Current volunteer Chuck Adams (Bonga 2011–13) wrote about his encounter with RPCV Karen Dawn Speicher (Bonga 1973–75) in a blog. With permission, I have included his posting, , about Karen’s return to her site after so many years.

He, himself, answered the phone from the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.

C., where he was making last minute preparations for the trip to Ethiopia.

London was the site of the XXX Olympics this past summer.

Based on the Facebook posts from both current and returned Ethiopia PCVs, much attention was focused on the Ethiopian runners.

Although I was unable to attend The Return to Ethiopia due to work commitments, I, too, followed the progression of the trip through the many posts on Facebook, and posts on E&ERPCV’s The Herald site.

I was aware of the functions planned for the embassies, the Meskal celebration, and possible excursions to the various RPCV work sites.

I will be eternally grateful for the release time Regis gave me for a sabbatical for a library project in Mekelle.

I am sure that other places of higher education have had both formal and informal arrangements with institutions in Ethiopia.

It is evident that he is quite passionate about the relationship between Americans and Ethiopians, both past and present, as shown in his two primary projects: “Point Four, Part Two” a documentary about the collaboration between Oklahoma State University and Alemaya University near Harar; and a documentary about the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.