Here follows a sample of some of the software projects that have already adopted the Unlicense or a derivative thereof: If you would like your own project added to this list, please create a ticket or drop us a note on the mailing list.

For a more comprehensive listing of software using the Unlicense, google for the first line of the Unlicense.

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Because you have more important things to do than enriching lawyers or imposing petty restrictions on users of your code.

How often have you passed up on utilizing and contributing to a great software library just because its open source license was not compatible with your own preferred flavor of open source?

For more information, please refer to In a saner world, you would only need the first one or two paragraphs.

For the time being you'll probably want to retain the whole shebang.

This removes any possible ambiguity as to what terms somebody might have thought they were contributing under, in case of a future dispute.

These concerns are not unique to public domain software.

Most large, established open-source projects have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) process, of varying degrees of formality.

At minimum, you might ask your contributors to accompany any non-trivial patches with a simple statement like the following: I dedicate any and all copyright interest in this software to the public domain.

Note that if a contributor makes significant changes or enhancements in his capacity as an employee of some formal organization, then the above may be insufficient and you would additionally need to ask for a copyright disclaimer signed by a company officer.