And just because cameras haven’t been following the sexy car fanatic as of late, don’t for a second think she’s been living la vida Dullsville.

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Age: 40 Occupation: Founder/Creative Director of CORSA gluten free beer This is not your typical “coming out” story.

I identify as a woman who believes in love being genderless.

She acts all sweet to your face but will pretty much sleep with your brother, husband or anyone who is over 50 and appears to have money. It makes him feel better about giving the loot up to R. Besides being a FT thug this guy clearly has some skeletons as he was aquitted of murder.

She’s moved into a upscale hotel with her over the hill bf (Sun Mackenzie) former husband of Reiko Mackenzie.

I identify with the LGBTQ community and feel very happy to be a part of such a loving and supportive group of individuals.

If I can inspire others to “come out” and be themselves then my work as a human being is worth it! A time for us to celebrate diversity and being fearless and proud of whom we are!

Other than The Real Housewives of Vancouver, we find the Real Housewives of: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Miami.

She’s married to Sun Mackenzie, who has a criminal gangland murder trial and court history.

Staying true and expressing that is the best gift you can give anyone.