With a butcher block and ceramic tile top, the unit doubles as work space and a breakfast table.

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Granite offers a beautiful, permanent solution with slabs of real stone from all over the world.

The cost of the slabs will vary based on where it was imported from as well as the color and pattern in the stone.

In it are 26 model kitchens, plus a bath shop and displays of built-in cabinetry for living room, bedroom and family room.

"Europeans had a jump on us [in kitchen design] while we sat on our hands, but at present we're about even," he said.

Homebuilders have long known that old, unattractive kitchens and bathrooms are the reason for many homeowners desiring a "trade-up" to a new home.

However, more and more homeowners have decided to stay in their current houses and remodel obsolete areas of their living space.

"Now Europeans are incorporating our wood fronts in their designs -- there's a tremendous amount of oak being used overseas," Conner said.

A veteran of 20 years in the business, Conner travels to Europe each year to keep an eye on what trends are occurring.

From textured finishes to beautiful veined patterns like Formica’s Dolce Vita, technology has introduced products like Solid surface countertops are extremely durable and can be re-finished over the years since the colors and pattern run throughout the entire thickness.

Color options have come a long way as well, offering stone look alikes with patterns that mimic veining in marble and the texture of limestone or granite.

With enough space and a big enough bankroll, you may be tempted to pick one of everything for a kitchen remodeling, like a child in a candy shop. Many can run a broad range from approximately ,000 to ,000.