Did HAL commit an egregious “error” or was it simply looking to complete its mission? As HAL became the most popular interaction between man and machine of that time, hit theaters.Joshua, a thinking machine built by an eccentric professor, pushed humanity to the brink of nuclear annihilation.

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That’s the number of text messages sent every year. Picasso reminds us that art is a result of beautifully told lies.

For the record, that’s 23 billion texts sent every day. On July 7, 2016, Facebook reported that over one billion people now use Messenger, up 200 million since January 2016. They just released video chat, quietly nudging their way into a dominant messaging platform that joins the ranks of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. And since people tend to instinctively imitate what they see—what happens to society when there’s a decay in lying?

As of February 1, 2016, Whats App logged one billion users on its platform. Then there’s Amazon’s bullish outlook that Echo could be its next billion-dollar business. Cyril: Not the kind of lying that manipulates others for personal gain—seems we have plenty of that—but lying through artistic expression. New mediums of communication including radio, TV, and film began to pervade people’s lives. And people absorbed and imitated what they saw—the good, bad, and the ugly.

They sold over three million units this year and expect to more than triple that number in 2017. As contemporary art continues to influence cultural memes, including presidential elections, it subtly inspires major breakthroughs in technology.

The first time many people saw a rocket to the moon was in the French silent film Today, there’s another fascinating technology trend propagated by film and literature.

As it gains serious traction, it’s redefining how humans interact with technology forever—the conversational interface (CI).For some reason I could rarely fathom, a large number of men would chat as women in Yahoo !Perhaps they wanted to experience the sensation of being wanted, a sensation many used to a life of lonely desperation never quite experienced.The ultimate confirmation of the gender of the finger at the other end of the chat-line would obviously be a voice chat (and one cultivated an ear to distinguish genuine women from desperate men doing their best Lata Mangeskar impression) and the holy grail, video chat. College kids and yes even school kids would come to cybercafes, in groups, and huddle over one Pentium machine, giggling and nudging each other, bags placed strategically on laps. Testimonials, the politics of which would have overwhelmed even Machiavelli.But with the speed of dial-ups being as they were and that blood was cheaper than megabytes of bandwidth and most importantly women never did cam-chat unless she was speaking to a man with whom she already had two children, the chance of visual affirmation was about as much as that of Venkatapathy Raju winning a Mr. As chat rooms became voice-enabled, communities started to build around Chat rooms, with people fighting for the mic, some singing, some emitting sounds of doubtful provenance, and some shouting random abuse in colorful language for no good reason. With picture albums that were open for public viewing initially, one could spend rainy afternoons surfing through real pictures of women, and then, send them scraps asking for “fransip” with the goal being to evolve the “fransip” into “labhsip”. Over 50 years ago, Stanley Kubrick showed us how a true relationship between man and a thinking machine could manifest.