“With this campaign, we are taking an important step to reach teens and young adults in order to educate and crack down on dating abuse,” Governor Cuomo said.

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Kennedy — unraveled after she was rumored to have taken up with polo-playing dandy Bruce Colley. Finally, after a year and a half, Cuomo’s parents broke the news to their grandkids. We just wanted to make sure that we were going to be together forever [before we told them].

As a result, Lee and Cuomo were so gun shy when they started dating that neither told his three daughters she was his girlfriend. I don’t believe in disrupting their lives,” she said.

Lee now spends a lot of time with Cuomo’s kids, 16-year-old twins Mariah and Cara, and Michaela, 13.

Her devotion to them helps cement her bond with Cuomo, Lee said.

Her would-be mother-in-law, Matilda Cuomo, focused on children’s causes, and predecessor Michelle Paterson made stopping childhood obesity a priority.

Lee will use her role to help the millions of New Yorkers who struggle to afford food.The master bedroom at the governor’s mansion got a little crowded after the inauguration. Cuomo spent the night in his parents’ old bedroom with First Girlfriend Sandra Lee and the power couple’s newest “baby” — a 2-month-old cockatoo so fragile he needed to sleep next to a heating lamp for warmth. DICKER: DAVE’S ‘SECRET’ POLICE IRK ANDY ETHICS 101 FOR NEW CREW GOV TO SEEK WAGE FREEZE In a wide-ranging interview touching on everything from her unique “title” to how Cuomo’s kids found out they were dating, Lee said she has big plans on the horizon now that the inauguration is over.“Andrew got me a baby cockatoo for Christmas,” Lee told The Post. But first she has to pick a name for her darling baby bird, whom she swaddles in a cloth diaper to keep warm and feeds formula with a tiny dropper.“We don’t even think about it, and nobody says anything,” Lee said.But because the Food Network mainstay is not his wife, she is not entitled to a State Police security detail.She said her trips wouldn’t be at taxpayer expense, noting, “We pay for the car; we pay for the transportation.” Lee has for years done work with nationwide charities like Share Our Strength, which aims to eradicate childhood hunger.