Additionally, it also helps to view specific events coming up that you might need to focus on.

A monthly view is also important because you can get the clear idea about how to define macro strategies for your whole month plan.

That’s where our Social Media Calendar comes handy.

With filters, you can view what you have scheduled or shared on a particular account, group and pages.

So, you have taken a good look at posts shared in the past and found that would be perfect for re-sharing.

Here you can see the month view, week view, and daily views of your posts.

There are different ways to arrange your social media calendar depending on your needs and preference: 1.

Also, you can create new posts for that day right then and there.

Different filters allow for viewing by month, week and day as well as past posts and your delivered posts.

The good news is you can do all of these in the same app.

It is a simple way to view and manage the overall promotion campaign schedule as well as social post activities.

For efficiency, all of this can be looked in a single view.

In short, the calendar gives a visual real-time view of all past, present and schedule social posts.

Also, you may re-post effective posts and create updates for multiple social networks all from one place.