But it sure sounds like the Cleveland Cavaliars player thinks it'll be smooth sailing through this case.He commented about the arrest: vet survived her breakup with Hollywood hottie Chris Evans like a champ, but she's also willing to spill all kinds of tea about their romance. Video: See Chris & Jenny In The First Trailer For star got super candid about what it was like to date Captain America and revealed her thoughts on why they didn't last. In case you forgot , Chris and Jenny first started dating last May not too long after Jenny's split from first husband Dean Fleischer-Camp.

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According to reports, Cole and Cash Money CEO Birdman have been dating, and the singer flew into a rage when she arrived at his West Los Angeles home around 5 a.m. Sources told that the woman in question is Cash Money employee, Sabrina Mercadel, who has worked for the company for more than 10 years.

Mercadel was apparently one of four people present when Keyshia Cole showed up, saw her walking out of the bathroom, and went on the offensive.

To say that Keyshia is unlucky in love is a bit of an understatement.

Her reason for allegedly flying off the handle may stem from the fact that she has alluded in interviews and in her music that estranged husband Daniel Gibson, 28, had cheated on her.

[Hook:] Lately, I been thinking bout you going crazy, Cant go on without you in my life its true Wat you wanna do U can be my boyfriend I can be your girlfriend[Verse 1: bo q] Here there q-tip? Had to let you know how I feel, Had a bunch of girls, but I'ma keep it real, Them otha chicken-heads couldn't foot the bill, But you, its somethin' about ya baby, What it is?

I don't know, Maybe cause ya body just right, Wit a sexy smile, And you know how to get that dough, Plus the heart for red just like bo ("q"), Feel me up, when I'm feelin' low, When I'm home or out the road, no questions asked, You know its on as soon as I hit the door, (fa sho!Would U feel that comfortable showing that much skin in front of your mom?? Allegedy, Keyshia showed up to Birdman's apartment at 5 A. However, Keyshia was just released on ,000 bail. Gurlfriend brought Keyshia Cole on stage with her to perform their remake of Diana Ross' soundtrack! After her headlining tour in 2009 with the likes of TLC, Lil Kim and The-Dream, the singer failed to pay her taxes on that profitable year and now the federal government is demanding she pay it ASAP!The movie stars Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Nicki Minaj—and this girl powered anthem is perfect for the yet-to-be released chick flick! According to a lien that was filed last November, the government is claiming Keyshia owes a pretty little sum to the tune of 2,158.93 to the IRS! We're sure that's probably not too much for the Messy, messy.if you got it and I got this cheese..[hook:][Bridge 1:] See I want us, to be in a relationship, Are you ready baby?lets go steady baby, I want you, and if you want me to, You should be my boyfriend, I can be yo girl friend[Verse 3: kenny kold] Shawty I cant waste no time, You know you been on my mind, In the morning, when I sleep at night, When I work, you there and it ain't no lie At first I ain't wanna sweat ya, Now it feel like I'm under pressure, We was cool ass friends, Now what the deal is? Hollywood Lifers, what do you think about Keyshia’s arrest?