There are 10 candidates available for marriage if you are playing as the male main character.In order to get married you have to raise the person up to at least 9 hearts, view the events that trigger as you increase the number of hearts with that person, own at least a level 2 house, and get the blue feather.

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Since the bar does not open until pm, you can usually find her outside the bar's doors or at Flute Tailor if the weather is bad.

Shining Coffee Beans, Shining Carrot, Shining Cheese, Cheese Risotto, Shining Olive Oil, Cheese Fondue, Carrot Juice, Grape Cocktail, Rice Cocktail, Wheat Cocktail, Cheese Omelette, Pizza, Vegetable Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Paella other cocktail drinks, Coconut, Hibiscus, Anemone, Perfect Grape, Shining Mayonnaise, Perfect Olive Oil, Perfect Cheese, Good Cheese, Perfect Carrot, Good Carrot, Sea Urchin, Mussells, Shining Perfume, Coconut Cocktail, Pineapple Juice, Perfect Flax Yarn Candace's little sister, Luna, arrive on Castanet with their grandma after you complete the Blue Bell.

Secret If your Sims has a goal like "Get in a romantic relationship", "get married", and/or " Woo Hoo." Heres a quick way to do it but only for the guy I haven't tried the girl yet.

Next with be to get a Date, Partner, engaged, Marriage, and then... Enabling cheats WARNING this disables challenges and trophies, however the game gives you the option to save your neighborhood before the cheats to resume from there later.

You have to chime the Red Bell before you can go into Garmon Upper Mine and unlock her on floor 5.

Renee likes to work at her parent's Horn Ranch, where she takes care of the various animals they have.

Moondrop Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Hyacinth, Pansey, Lavender, Tulips, Sunflower, Morning Glory, Hibiscus, Bluemist Flower, Snowflake Flower, Perfect Honey, Shining Apple, Shining Cherry, Shining Orange, Shining Olive, Shining Grape, Shining Egg Kathy helps her father, Hayden, with his Brass Bar in Harmonica Town.

She waits tables and brings the customers the drinks they order.

Regardless of a girl’s personal preferences, there are some universal rules of dating that will help you land that second date, and maybe even a third.