See Datsun Redi Go vs Kwid vs Alto 800 to have a detailed comparison report of the three hatchbacks.

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For a forty-five year old sedan, this 1600 SSS drives remarkably modern. The engine is flexible and smooth, and sounds great when you stick your foot in it, but the cabin is remarkably comfortable, even for a pretty big guy like me.

The brakes are powerful, the steering is precise, the controls are light and easy to operate, and the snarly little powerplant, fed by twin-carbs and with a different camshaft profile than the US specification 510, pulls the lightweight sedan from corner to corner with commendable alacrity. With four real doors and a generous trunk, this car would be a liveable daily driver for virtually anyone. After my experience with the belt squeal, and the luxury of a comfy hotel bed in Zamora, I took the Datsun to Zamora's Bosch Certified repair facility for a little checkover.

It seems the automaker now has all its attention on the upcoming hatch, the Redi-GO.

As per a report in , the car is likely to be launched on April 14, 2016.

The 0.8-litre mill produces 53bhp with 72Nm in Renault’s product.

While a 5-speed manual gearbox is likely to come as standard, an optional automatic transmission by the carmaker is highly anticipated as well.

Bend it into a corner and it turns in nicely - maybe not as crisply as a similar vintage Ford Escort, but there is no flex in the chassis and the body lean is minimal. Well, maybe not a sting, but a light, lively feel to the rear end that is just fantastic. As luck would have it, the 50-something technician on duty was something of a Datsun lover, and he allowed me to look the car over with him.

Corner on steady throttle and the chassis stays pretty neutral, but the tail can be made loose with either a boot of throttle in mid corner or by lifting. It's the difference between an ordinary car and a driver's car, that ability to tailor the steering with the throttle. We changed the belt, which was just old and worn, and the noise was gone.

Shining from a recent respray in the factory "Cocoa Brown," the rally wheels and Fedima tires gave it the perfect vintage rally look. The company had been a presence in the rally since the early 1960's, with various different cars and varying levels of success, but in 1969 they brought the SSS, and in its first year the team took six of the top thirteen places and first through sixth place in class. The SSS went on to become part of Safari Rally history with a string of excellent results including an outright win in 1970, and the model stayed a dominant force in the event even after Datsun replaced it with the 240Z for their factory-backed efforts.

The black vinyl interior, mostly original, was in good shape, and a thorough inspection revealed solid metal everywhere. A test drive sealed the deal, we finished the paperwork, and Paulo and I shook hands before I headed off in the 1600 SSS. This particular 1600 SSS, which I was driving in a rather spirited manner through northern Portugal, had originally been intended as a tribute to those fast and furious Safari Rally cars of the early 1970's. I sprayed it in the correct factory color of Cocoa Brown."It is, in my mind, the right decision.

Datsun is yet to make a mark in the entry-level hatchback segment.