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People webcam sex-51

I mean in a sense, it's sorta like him looking at porn, only it's a live female on cam.

Anyway she's upset but do you think webcam sex is really a big deal when you're in a relationship?

Since the act is not really physical, would you count that as cheating?

Personally I wouldn't be really bothered until something like that gets physical, to the point where he's actually meeting women from online for sex.

And yeah it is a big deal when you are in a relationship. OP, one of your questions involved the phrase : “..a big deal”. Performing with a web cam is sort of a new phenomena.

The fact that the SO thinks it is answers the question for your friends. Is it less “evil” than a person fantasizing about the attractive co-worker?A certain level of connectivity is required by each participant in order to connect, so even if there is nothing on your end standing inthe way, you may still see the occasional black screen.The author of the RTMFP protocol has a "Connectivity Checker" site which can show you how your connectivity looks here.Anyways, I think this isn't a very cool thing for somebody to do while in a relationship, particularly if she doesn't know.While it isn't as intimate as a personal one-to-one, real life situation, it is far different from doing your thing to a magazine or video.Damn, I didnt know that playboys were interactive.would consider cyber sex with some one other than your partner cheating...